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Head camper, Tiffany Israel, realized that she needed to update/redesign her resume since her previous one was designed back in 2009! A graphic designer's creative resume design has to have GREAT design, it's really a resume within a resume. The new design ties in new branding, and visually depicts her work experience in a way that is enjoyable to read.

(The information listed in the resume was changed as to not blast out references and workplaces for all of the interwebs to see)


  • Graphic Design
  • Typography


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Tiffany Israel

Tiffany Israel


Tiffany Israel was born a baby. And by way of nature or nurture or just plain luck that baby grew up to be an aesthetic artsy, techy geek, creataholic who resides in Oxnard, CA.

Tiffany's been using a computer to create graphics since Jr. High when she used a Macintosh Performa.

An HTML class at Brooks Institute in 2007 sparked an interest in web deveopment that lead her to expand her knowledge through practice and just plain geeking out on web design and development.

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